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Peter Hill

Peter Hill's background is steeped in crime. He was a detective in the Metropolitan Police, London, serving in some of the toughest parts of that city for thirteen years. He also worked at New Scotland Yard in the Company Fraud Department and later the internationally recognised C1 department known as 'The Murder Squad'. In the course of his investigations he travelled widely in Britain, Europe and South America. He left the force at the age of thirty-two, with the rank of Detective Inspector, to become a professional writer, initially as a TV scriptwriter. Peter worked extensively in television for iconic British drama series such as 'Callan', 'The Sweeney', 'Z Cars', 'Public Eye', 'The Bill', 'Special Branch', 'Crown Court', 'New Scotland Yard', and 'Armchair Theatre'. He has been a writer, script editor and producer both in the UK and New Zealand, where he now lives. He has written six novels, which were all published worldwide by major publishing houses in hard and paperback versions and in several translations. All received very favourable press reviews. These books are all British detective police thrillers set in various locations in the UK and are now available as eBooks. They are The Hunters, The Liars, The Enthusiast and The Savages in the 'Staunton and Wyndsor' series and The Fanatics and The Washermen in the 'Commander Allan Dice' books. These books are all stand-alone stories, but with the same major protagonists, they are each part of a series, not an ongoing serial. Under the pen name of John Eyers he was commissioned to write 'Survivors: Genesis of a Hero', the sequel to Terry Nation's novel, based on the famous 'Survivors' TV series. Also as John Eyers, he wrote 'Special Branch - In at the Kill', a spin-off from the 'Special Branch' TV series. These are now available as eBooks. Both these books are stand-alone stories and it is not necessary to be acquainted with the TV programmes to be able to enjoy them in their own right. After a successful career in TV drama Peter has returned to novel writing but in a new genre and 'Evolution's Path' is proposed as a series of related near and far-future crime stories, of which 'Killing Tomorrow' now available as an eBook, is the first. The second in the series, 'The Ladies' Game' and the third, Procreation, have now also been published as ebooks. All three are available as paperbacks

Going Down To Hadez - Updated A Online Story By Peter Hill

GOING DOWN TO HADEZ Outer Ring Universities Extract from curriculum notes. SUBJECT: REMNANT HISTORY SECTION: FOLK-LORE Item: Poem/Epic/Song: ‘Going down to Hadez’ ‘We’re going down to Hadez, to set those dead folk free. We’ll blast our way past Charon, and then, by Seth, we’ll see...’ Hadez spun lazily on its axis, looping in an enormous elliptical orbit round a dark yellow sun in the outer periphery of the galaxy. It was a forbidding place of bare rock and permanent sub-zero temperatures. The sickly yellow illumination of the moribund and too-distant sun gave no warmth, only ca... Click Here To Read More