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Thomas Vazhakunnathu

Thomas Vazhakunnathu is a spiritual scientist, teacher, and author hailing from India. His conscious spiritual journey started at the age of 23 in the year 1994 when he had a profound inner transformation that changed the course of his life. Since then he devoted his life towards seeking and living the ultimate truth of life. By the year 2004, he understood that there is no religion or path that can claim exclusivity to truth or salvation. Further, he understood the oneness of everything, and that there is ‘truth’ in everything, albeit with varying degrees, and knowing these truths, particularly the fundamental truths, can free us from many limitations and sufferings and lead to peace and happiness in an ascending order and ultimately to a blissful existence. As a conscious observer of life, he enjoys spending most of his time investigating, understanding, integrating, and living the fundamental truths of life. His ultimate objective for the present life is to awaken and transform as many people as possible and contribute to peace, health, and harmony on planet Earth. He is open to working with anyone who shares this objective. He places more emphasis on living the truth or walking the talk than anything else as that is the only way one can move up in the scale of life. For him, there is nothing more important than living a blissful and purposeful life with an ever-expanding consciousness. His formal education includes a masters in English Literature and in Business Administration. He can be reached online at: Website: http://www.thomasvazhakunnathu.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tvazhakunnathu Twitter: http://twitter.com/tvazhakunnathu Instagram: http://instagram.com/tvazhakunnathu