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 Afjal Ali

Hi! I'm only a part of this world. I live in Calcutta, India, in a small village. But the thought of human beings can never be small; your thoughts are as far away as you can see. So increase your eyesight. To say my hobby, there are a lot of things to say, it will not end. In fact, the mind of man is such kind of thing when it becomes a favorite thing that becomes a hobby, and then it becomes converted into habits. To be honest, a hobby is a myth that there is no connection to reality. Because anyone can do the hobby, for example, Climbing the Mount Everest at the top of the peak Without clothes, Returning to the bottom of the sea in one breath Or jump from a plane without any parachute. Which may be the hobby but how many fill in it? If you want to get success in life, then make your hobby, your passion, and then the goal of your life. Then you will not be able to resist any obstacles. I will not waste time telling my hobbies, MY PASSION is being a good writer, I'm willing to write screenplay and script in the future. And in my opinion, all of us in this world must die, one who is born will die, but one thing will survive the era of age is 'YOUR NAME', so I want to make that name in my life. BY- A.J.

Multiverse: This is not the only Universe A Online Story By Afjal Ali

“What the hell of this, Mother”? After saying,-Max throws away the bowl that was full of noodles. "Max my sweet son, don't behave like this"- said his mother. She picked up the bowl, which was rolling on the ground & take an eye contact to max she said- "why are you always be so angry, just for such small things, my little boy". Say to me what you want to eat for breakfast? " -“I just want a complete peace & I know I will not found that in this hell place, so goodbye I have not hungry, I'm now going to school & yes don't call me again little boy, ok 'Mrs. witch”! 'Max Von' wearing his black... Click Here To Read More