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Bonnie Nedrow

Dr. Bonnie Nedrow is an outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, biking, backpacking and picnicking at the beach or in the redwoods near where she lives. Bonnie is a serious foodie who considers food to be worthy of eating if it is nutritious and/or delicious. If she is not in her home office, you can often find her out in her garden where she grows much of her food. Dr. Nedrow loves her work as a naturopathic doctor, mentor and author. She wrote Metabolic Flexibility to help her patients heal and to make a global health impact in these challenging times. Overweight and obesity are the un-talked about health pandemic of our era. Dr. Bonnie is passionate about helping people heal from metabolic disease, she believes that healthy people can move mountains and make the world a better place. . For more about her work leading on-line courses, membership and 1:1 coaching, visit DrBonnieNedrow.com.