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Chetan Bansal

Chetan Bansal is a person with immense passion for life and loves to observe, think and learn from each & every moment of life. Academically he has done graduation in commerce, arts, master diploma in software engineering, Post graduate in business management and at high school studied Medical science. He runs his own manufacturing business in New Delhi, India. He loves meditation, cricket, music, songs and spending holidays in Himalayas. A passionate writer on personal growth be it spirituality, psychology, physiology, health, wealth, relations, philosophy and life skills. Since childhood he had faced many chronic health problems but all cured with his belief & faith in self/life/almighty. He believes problems are nothing but opportunity to grow in life. In year 2013 he survived a deadly road accident, like a 2nd birth inclining him towards spirituality. Also during that time he faced many challenges in his business, relations making him very sad & depressive. But that was all temporary, he being a fighter started to find deeper aspects/truths about self, life, mind and universe. During that period he read 3 books and was highly impressed with “The Power of Now” and attended 2 practical workshops on Mind power which gave the much needed impetus in his quest to understand and master life. He owes all his success to his regular meditation which developed immense emotional strength, intuition, creativity, writing skills and other life skills. His writing journey started with a very strong passionate, purposeful intuition and the result is in front of you. He dedicates his writing career to his bad times, a blessing in disguise; nature's way of choosing you for some higher purpose by making you uncomfortable. His writings are always unique with in-depth timeless universal wisdom. Anyone having any questions about life can ask him directly at bansalchetan911@gmail.com and he will answer each & every question of yours either directly on your mail or indirectly through his books/blogs. "In life you will fall but falling is not failure, failure is not to stand up after fall. These are the testing times which are countered and overcome by tools of courage, faith, belief and patience in life. Having faith and patience not only teaches you the dynamics & statics of life but also gives you the courage to sail through difficult tides..." -Chetan Bansal