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Cliff Locks

Cliff Locks is a seasoned Professional Coach and serial entrepreneur with decades of experience. He founded and sold three successful businesses, including his last company, sold to a Fortune 500 corporation. Cliff helps emerging leaders, executives, and business leaders achieve their goals and fulfill their potential in their professional and personal life. He provides one-on-one leadership, lifestyle, executive, business coaching services, and career planning that is practical, implementable, and tailored to his individual clients’ needs. Cliff will work with family members to help them build a solid foundation of goal-setting beginning at an early age. Cliff has been married for 35 years to a loving, supportive wife. As the father of three wonderfully independent young adults. Cliff takes clients through lessons learned over the years about how generational work ethics, values, and philanthropic endeavors create a legacy that should be shared with the younger generation. Learn more: https://millionairelife.services and https://www.amazon.com/stores/Cliff-Locks/author/B0CGT6S6XW