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David Rich

David Rich began practicing law in Phoenix and was then recruited as a law professor at ASU College of Law. He then tried private practice but found the cushy job of assistant attorney general more to his liking. He retired in his 40s to become a sailing captain, pilot, and full-time traveler, living in almost every country on the planet while writing dozens of travel stories and six books: Myths of the Tribe, When Religion and Ethics Diverge (Prometheus Books 1993) examined the influence of organized religion on ethics, 2nd ed. 2019. RV the World, 2nd ed., 2018, combines his seventeen-years RVing the world with his wife Mary insisting anyone can do it. In 2019 David wrote The ISIS Affair, a satire on religion and nationalism in Syria subtitled Putting the Fun Back in Fundamentalism, and Scribes of the Tribe, Our greatest Thinkers on Religion and Ethics. He published Antelopes, A Modern Gulliver’s Travels, in 2020 and Sail the World?, the prequel to RV the World, in October 2021.