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Gary Grewal

5 years ago I never thought I was going to be an author, but I realized there wasn't a concise book with actionable advice for personal finance, so like any enterprising author I wrote and published Financial Fives! I had a wonderful middle-class upbringing in suburban CA, graduated college during the Great Recession debt-free, and over the last 10 years have come to see how drastically one's life can turn out with the right mindset and financial education. I feel it's important to share what has worked for me, to be transparent, and to give the reader as much insight into what works so they too can enable themselves to have the choices that come with financial stability. I understand we are busier than ever today, so I get straight to the point in Financial Fives! Outside of writing, I am a Financial Planner by day, and I also run my own zero-waste moving box rental company, California Box Rental. Sustainability, waste -reduction, and conservation of nature are great passions of mine. I love camping, hiking, mountain biking, anything related to water sports, as well as playing volleyball, tennis, and road biking. I also wholeheartedly love to cook, bake, relax at libraries, coffee shops, and parks with a good book or newspaper. Oh, and I have a thing for luxury hotels. Not staying in them, just visiting them and relishing in the grandeur!