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H E Joyce

I have had a passion for writing from an early age, and it has never left me. An avid reader, I enjoy losing myself in a really good mystery. Mysteries, thrillers, and the paranormal are the genres in which I like to write, and I try to leave as much to the imagination of my readers as possible. If you like stories with a perfectly happy ending, then my books may not be for you, as I prefer, in most cases, to leave them open to interpretation. It has taken many years to finally pursue my dream of becoming a writer and publishing my work. I was a firefighter for eighteen years, which was extremely rewarding, I also worked as a newspaper photographer and as a freelance artist, and I still dabble from time to time. I hope you enjoy reading my novels and short stories as much as I enjoy writing them. I am currently busy working on my next projects, a complete series of paranormal thrillers, and a selection of short stories