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Sanjeev Sareen

Sanjeev Sareen is an Engineer, superannuated in 2018 as Unit Head from Reliance Industries Limited. He is into Spirituality and practicing under a Realized Master, past twenty-five years. He has released three books. His Niche is Spirituality. The first book “?????- ???, ???? ?? ?????” (God- who, where and why?), is a Hindi poetry book, released on Amazon in May 2021. The second book “Spirituality through Science” was released in August 2021. The third book “101 thought-provoking questions on life” was released in kindle edition on 5th Jan 2022. Paperback version releasing on 9th Jan 2022. He has released 23 episodes on the radio show on “old age issues”. He is regularly conducting free Kriyayoga Meditation classes. He is releasing his blogs on the subject of spirituality at the Quora and Medium platform. He is releasing inspirational videos on his YouTube channel and Facebook page also- all in the name of “Awakeningwithsanjeev”. He is also providing free counseling on health, professional and spiritual matters. His passion is transforming himself and helping others.