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A Knight in Cowboy Boots


Today's BOOK of The Day is all about ROMANCE by bestselling author, Suzie Quint. This is a romantic series. One woman on the run. One roughneck cowboy with a seductive drawl. One hot kiss. When Zach McKnight, an irresistible oil rig worker with a thick-as-honey Texan drawl, pokes into the secrets surrounding the mysterious Maddie Wells, he has no idea the chance encounter will change his life. Maddie Wells is on the run with the infant son of her murdered sister. The boy’s father isn't far behind. He wants his son and is willing to kill to get him. Zach is intrigued from the first moment he sees the dark haired beauty in a hotel but getting his hard working hands on her delectable body is more easily dreamt than achieved. He gets shot for his trouble, by Maddie no less, and sucked into the web of lies and fear that are her constant companions. , Once you finish reading, you will be waiting for the next episode in this series.

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