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Crazy Rich New York


Some people say that living in the city can be scary. Odett Harold will tell you that it's all about how you handle yourself, and if Odett can do anything, it's handle herself. Good or bad she's ready for it. You would too if you basically raised yourself, but who's complaining? Despite her upbringing, she is right were she wants to be, running her uncle's bar, and keeping herself prepared for what the world may throw at her. That is until a stranger in black bursts through the bar's door after-hours barreling straight for her. Here comes the robbery-in-progress. Easton Bloom, a young investor finds himself in the city with high hopes of growing his real estate portfolio. He's never questioned the business decisions he's made in his short years of calling the shots. Why should you when they always turn a profit? But when he realizes that he's being followed, Easton has two options: fight or flight. His decision sends him straight to the wild and impulsive Odett and her bar. When the big apple throws Odett and Easton together, will it be too much for either of them to bite off? The only thing you can be sure of with the author who brought you Crazy Rich L.A. is that you will keep falling in love until the very last page.

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