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Get the girl. Get the prize. Get out alive. A FATED FANTASY QUEST ADVENTURE: Complete Series Now Available! Book 3, Embrace: The Shifter, The Magic Map, and The Goblin King. In Book 3…In the land of the Goblin King, magic is strictly forbidden! At least, that’s what everyone’s been told. Regardless, it doesn't stop Colin Jacoby from breaking the rules when he locates his dream girl. The only problem—she's a prisoner running out of time. Simultaneously, his sister and now Firemancer in training, Meghan Jacoby, is mortified to learn she’ll be working alongside the forever irritable Ivan Crane when the Queen sends them on a dangerous, but life-saving quest. For brother and sister, this means dual secret missions into the heart of the Goblin Valley. Where devilish creatures come to life after dark and the landscape changes each morning. Where deadly obstacles lurk at every turn and questions and mysteries pile up faster than they can be answered, or solved.

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