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Estelle's Christmas Gift


Things are changing too fast in Estelle’s life. When her mother’s unexpected death brings her to the doorstep of Jared Bradford, she holds on to the thought of him to cope with the rest. Jared is cold, arrogant and distant, but his eyes give him away every time. Estelle reads what Jared is hiding so well from the world; his soft side. With all the bad things happening around her, being with Jared is stitching her wounds back, along with building emotions she has never encountered before.The last thing Jared want is to let another woman walk into his life and play with his heart. He is perfectly content with his current arrangement of living an introverted life and protecting himself from any heartbreak. When he finds Estelle barely alive near his house, he couldn’t help the spark of life in his heart that he had caged long time ago. Those innocent eyes and pure soul manage to walk past every barrier that he has built around him.

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