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Her Unexpected Billionaire


Vivian McKenzie is a very accomplished contract lawyer that knows how to get the job done. She hates corporations that use technical jargon to try to slip things through the cracks. Biggers corporation thought that they could run roughshod over those smaller ones that were struggling to make ends meet. They would sweep in and try to merge with that company and would always have a trick up their sleeve. She was the one that those little guys came to make sure that their interests were as important as the corporations. She didn’t have time for a love life. Most people took her for a ball buster that wouldn’t take crap from anybody. Her friends knew her to be caring, but she could have an attitude that gives those around her a moment of pause. It appears that she has met her match with Toby Young. He’s just as opinionated and he tends to like things done his own way. He doesn’t even know what he’s coming up against when he meets Vivian. He finds her too intoxicating to walk away from. Will his interest in her get in between what he believes is a good business practice? Will she allow him to get one over on her clients, or will she stop him in his tracks?

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