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Leaves of Maitreya's Garden


Have you heard of the sacred udumbara flower that is now blossoming all over the world? According to prophecies, it blooms only once in 3,000 years and, along with anomalous weather conditions, climate change, and the increased number of natural disasters, it heralds the approaching Advent of the Messiah.Where will He come from?When and how will His Advent happen?Will He appear as an ordinary mortal man?Book 1 of The Teaching of the Heart series answers these questions and invites you to embark on a fascinating spiritual journey together with the Greatest Teacher. He is Maitreya for some, Christ for others, and the Mahdi for many more -- He is the promised Messiah of all religions.Imbued with the healing and uplifting energies of divine love, this poetically beautiful book contains inspirational pearls of wisdom that He breathed into the heart of Zinovia Dushkova, Ph.D., through a unique creative process called the fiery experience.

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