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Living With Dead Folks


T. M. Simmons lives with dead folks. She's had as many as ten ghosts sharing her haunted house at one time over the years. Some she helps cross over. However, a couple of them have decided to hang around and live their afterlife as a paranormal boarder at the Simmons home. In 2012, Simmons found she experienced many smaller paranormal incidents in her day-to-day life, incidents that were rather common place to her, but not significant enough to merit an entire story in Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I through more. She decided to begin a blog, and her readers there enjoyed these other tidbits of her paranormal life. Living with Dead Folks Volume One is a collection of the blog entries from Simmons' I See Dead Folks blog from its inception through 2012. Another collection will follow when 2013 comes to a close. She hopes you enjoy reading these with as much pleasure as she had re-reading and preparing them for this new book.

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