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Historical Romance

Mail Order Bride


Leighton Caine’s dying parents want him to marry before death takes them. Against his will, he consents to marry a mail-order bride. But Annie Kendall is not what he expected: she’s independent and hard-working, and she’s determined to pay the debt she feels she owes him for bringing her and her sisters into his home. But Leighton finds that he doesn’t want gratitude, he wants her love. His parents, however, find in Annie a daughter-in-law who cares for them and brings joy into their lives. Her lively little sisters make the house a home again. It’s only Leighton who feels as if he’s married to a stranger, a woman he’ll never really know or understand. But as she becomes closer to his family, her defenses erode and on a day of sadness, he teaches his wife that she love isn’t a debt, it’s a gift.

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