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A fresh, new fantasy world based on Greek myths... Incredible powers passed down from ancient gods... A world-saving adventure unlike any other... ___________________________ On the summer of their fourteenth birthday, twins Milo and Emma Banks will find themselves in a pickle of epic proportions. Hunters from another world have broken up their family, and the twins find themselves stranded in a mythical world where light and dark magic collide. It's a world where orange-eyed teens can transform into any animal after drinking its blood... Where magicians can manipulate the world through magic, and sorcerers can tame the wild elements... Herculean fighters with bulletproof skin can throw enormous boulders hundreds of feet through the air... And winged, angel-like healers can fly and cure the most deadly wounds... Milo and Emma will discover they aren't human. Instead, they are each one of the four godlike races, thanks to their legendary parents. In the quest to restore their family, they will discover something else - a dangerous truth: they are demigods in a world where those directly descended from the ancient gods is a crime punishable by death. How long can they survive before the ruthless emperor who tore apart their family finds them?

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