Bargain eBook - The Girl in the Great House

Historical Romance

The Girl in the Great House


16th Century England. When Elaine and Thomas Fisher wed, it is a true love match. A woodworker by trade, he and Elaine leave their home in northern England and head south, where Thomas plans to get commissions working in the fine houses in the area. But things don’t go as planned…Thomas is forced to sell his tools to feed his pregnant wife. When he stops at a pub for a drink, a man is killed, and those who witness it swear it was Thomas. He hangs for a crime he did not commit. Elaine, now known as the murderer’s widow, is alone, with her infant son Samuel to care for. She learns that Sir Richard Belvoir, the master of the fine house Cymberie is dying. When his doctor says the only thing that will save him is a mother's tender care, the job is forced on Elaine by Mistress Margery, who helped her after Samuel was born and now demands to be paid for her efforts. Wanting only to pay her debts and flee, she takes the job.

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