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The Memory of Death


Mark Ramsay is on a mission, but he cannot remember what it is. Several people he doesn’t know are trying to kill him; some of them succeed. Torn between an uncertain but dangerous future as a fugitive with the woman he loves and a past full of suffering, war, bloodshed, and death, he is forced to make a decision that will echo in the past, stretch into the future and profoundly affect the here and now. He is an assassin and an alchemist. His past is full of terrible memories. But he doesn’t know that. Why? Because he has suffered a serious memory loss. The memories of his past go back a few hours when the story begins. While he is trying to figure out who he is, what he is, and what he is doing in America, his long-time associates come after him. They are bent on saving him even if it kills him. In fact, one of them wants to kill him for personal reasons. Another wants to kill him out of curiosity. And a third wants to kill him for fun. As his memory slowly returns in bits and pieces, he becomes more and more unhappy with not only his current plight as a prisoner, but his circumstances in life in general. If ever a man found himself in a lose/lose situation, it is Mark Ramsay. He is far too old to have been caught so easily in such a predicament. If he stays, he dies. If he returns, he dies. If he runs, he dies. This is no time for romance but try telling his hormones that. As a senior member of an elite Council of Warrior Monks left over from the Crusades, it looks like old age is going to get the better of him. How many times does he have to die before it is over?

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