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Unknown Gravities


The map of Europe is redrawn and the EU crumbles - the Western Hemisphere spirals towards a dystopian end. Terror attacks in America, England and across Europe have sparked insurgent uprisings and pushed governments to embrace restrictive and increasingly desperate security policies. In the United States, the President struggles to find a balance between what is necessary to preserve Democracy while safeguarding against the economic, political and civil forces tearing away at the fabric of her nation. In England, a middle aged physicist is about to be lured into a world of spies and assassinations. Loyalties and personal agendas clash in an epic tale of sacrifice, lust, patriotism and betrayal. Set in the near future, Unknown Gravities examines a world where the events of today collide and spawn new Cold Wars, revive old Geo-political adversaries and throw the Western World onto the brink of chaos.

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