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Vampire Cop


John came to the rescue when Stacy was attacked by three young boys wanting to torment her and take what she has! Stacy is beautiful but she doesn't see it! She is addicted to food, using food to ease the tormenting memory that is still haunting her day after day! "Lose weight or die", her doctor told her! But the doctor never really told her how! John is a cop on motorcycle!! But he’s far more than that. He’s a vampire with a load of money and hot as hell! He sees Stacy, really sees her! John knows that Stacy is special and beautiful and he wants to help her... and love her, if she will ever let him in!Can Stacy bring change to her own life and heal the lonely vampire who has come to her rescue? Will her love be enough to save them both? WARNING: This ebook contains mature language and themes, intended for adults only.Read this book for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

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