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Willow Weeps


Right from the off, when you start reading Willow Weeps, you are advised to find yourself somewhere cosy, dark and atmospheric, without interruptions, and immerse yourself in earnest into the author's world. If you do, you'll be rewarded with a psychological treat - a work of quality and intense poignancy. If you don't, to be honest, you may find yourself on something of the back foot and playing catch-up. This is a book best read entirely on the author's wavelength. In truth, there is far more in the way of emotional engagement and melancholy melodrama than there is horror, in this vivid, moody tale. The supernatural aspect is more suggestive than explicit, which all adds to its cleverness; it could as much be about the paranormal as it could about mental illness - and there are large swathes of both. The story of a woman haunted by her role in the tragic death of her little sister, moving into a building that was once a scandal-hit young offenders' institution, offers arguably as much social commentary as exploration of the damaged psyche of its characters, and the fallout from the relevant backstories is as thought-provoking as it is detailed. This is a book that compels you to think about its events. It is a fine piece of work from a thoughtful writer, which deserves (and demands) your full attention. Matt McAvoy

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