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Angel Lopez

A Bridge Between Logic and Fulfillment, The Author of Integrate: ANGEL LOPEZ brings a unique blend of engineering, sales, and personal development expertise to help individuals cultivate strong relationships and achieve their goals. With a decade in the personal development field, four years as a relationship coach and acquiring various NLP certifications; writing the manual to an integrated life was the next logical decision. Angel began his career rooted in the logic and precision of mechanical engineering. However, this background became the launchpad for a profound shift towards understanding the human experience and a decade-long deep dive in the world of personal development. The pursuit to become a top-performing sales engineer honed his communication and relationship-building skills to connect with people on a deeper level. This desire to foster connection extended beyond the sales floor. From the Engineer mind; he brings a methodical approach to problem-solving with clear, step-by-step framework for integrating the four pillars of life. Just as he once tackled complex engineering challenges, he wanted to systematically create a life in harmony. The Salesperson in him adds persuasiveness, the art of influencing and motivating others to help get what you want. The Coach in him brings an ability to truly understand human struggles and aspirations by offering practical guidance to help others like yourself accomplish an easy life.