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Contemporary Romance

Piper Tierney is a coy lovely young lady that is in high school teacher of music in Marietta. She dream of her life flowing as beautifully as her favorite songs. But she is very unhappy and frustrated with her love life, or lack of one. She wants to be in a true love affair, because she's always been a good girl and they always finish first, right? And then, her parents send her a handsome and chiseled guest: Sebastian Bloom, natural born player. And all she can feel is lust at first sight for Mr. Bloom who is in the city for his sister's wedding. Hence, Piper has to act fast. Can this playboy find true love with this small town girl? Nope, this man won't marry her. His childhood memories of his parent's relationship convinces him that it would never work. But he is attracted to her and perhaps it could work. So he has an affair of sorts with her. And all heart-hell breaks loose, because Piper falls in love. But he leaves, and breaks her heart. I thought they would get married and live happily ever after, but, no, she's left heartbroken. Sebastian wasn't very likable to me anyway. But, he realized that he couldn't let Piper go. His Blushing Bride is a romantic story that was light and fun to read. This is a true small town love affair and I was excited about the people and the place. Good story that I recommend to romance lovers....

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