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It’s something interesting about science/fantasy fiction. It’s quite harder than most literary fiction to pull off, simply based on the absurd idea of building an imaginary place. Kris pulls this off smoothly in Monster Born. Of course, I have subjective ideas about the story, but I am not developmentally editing this book, I am reading it for enjoyment and I did just that. Monster Born has an interesting level of world building that I found impressive. It’s a big potluck of genres falling under the fantasy umbrella weaved together and it works. If I’d say this place was like anywhere in the world, I’d say it’s nowhere and I’ve been to a lot of cities more than once; but, the story starts in Germany with Frank Victorsson—we know him as Frankenstein. Yes, the monster we know and love. He’s not so monsterly, parading around as Arne Odinsson’s adopted son. Arne is the ruler of the Alfheim elves, who work avariciously to create a magical land in Minnesota, but they have to be secret…or else. And that moment comes, forcing our guy, Frankenstein to unearth the problem....

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