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Ilham Aisha

My name is Ilham Aisha Bint Muhammad Awal. I'm from Ghana in Africa. I'm Muslim and female. I'm currently 16 years old and an aspiring Alimah, Author and Religious Lawyer. I love to read and write during my free period, watch documentaries, recite the Quran and just stay at home.

Shattering Heights! A Online Story By Ilham Aisha

PROLOGUE: The Friday Jummah atmosphere was extremely pleasant. Down the road leading to the big mosque a junction away from a dirty slum. The poorest of the poor alone lived there. In there, was a huge rate of infant mortality, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and other criminal activities. It was the home to low class people. Here in these parts of Pakistan, only the strong ones survived. The rest were either kidnapped, raped or murdered. Especially the ladies. It was a little distant from the junction when a maiden dressed in Niqab walked. Her eyes to the ground and her heart leading her to the... Click Here To Read More