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Kerrie Noor

I am the writer of three comic series, Bellydancing and Beyond, Diva Diaries and Planet Hy Man. I have been shortlisted for the Asham Short Story award (decades ago) and had two short dramatic radio plays performed on radio. I have done many things, from helping on a farm-badly to teaching Bellydancing-not badly. Now at the ripe of almost retired, I want to use my warped memory to make funny stories for those who like me who laugh in the face of too-tight trousers Visit me at Jump in read blog and feel free to make contact

Mavis and Me 'Do' Half-life A Online Story By Kerrie Noor

Mavis and Me 'Do' Half-life Mavis and I walked into the Argyll for a quick one; I had my walking shoes and dad's jacket on for warmth, while Mavis had opted for leather, lipstick, and flowery wellies. Mavis posed by the bar, she had two tickets for the Half-Life show and a novel's worth of opinions about it. Mavis likes to think she's arty. Me? I'm more a Ruben's fan, lots of fat women, safely framed and hanging in a warm room with coffee and a toilet nearby. For a woman of a certain age, that's comfort. 'You headin’ for the Antarctic?' Said Malcolm the barman. Malcolm is sort of guy who thi... Click Here To Read More