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S.P. Joseph Lyons

S.P. Joseph Lyons is an Algonquin children's author, and romance fantasy novelist. As a 60's Scoop adoptee, and intergenerational survivor of the residential school legacy, he endured abuse and segregation through the child welfare and school systems. His wild experiences and encounters inspired his many novels' rich themes and unforgettable characters.

The Demond of Legend A Online Story By S.P. Joseph Lyons

“Mama, it’s a beautiful day. Can we plant my garden now? You promised,” the little girl asked as she tugged on her mother’s covers. The mother moaned as she stretched and rubbed her eyes. “Is it morning already?” The girl nodded quickly with a large smile of excitement. Her mother smiled back, then stood and pulled open the curtains. The sun shone brightly as the birds called in the distance. “You’re right Molly, it is a beautiful day. Get your bucket and shovel, and I’ll grab the flowers.” The little girl hurried off to collect her things as her mother put on a scarf and hat and grabbed a t... Click Here To Read More

Dembrek of the DRUX A Online Story By S.P. Joseph Lyons

Silently Dembrek crept from his hut. He didn’t want to wake his mother so early. Nor did he want to answer the many questions she’d surely ask about why he was up before the sun, and why he was taking his father’s sword with him. Though still a young boy, he wanted to honor his family, his name, and take his place as man of the house. As hunter and protector. For him, and for his mother, the only family he had left. All he had were faint stories of his father and the magnificent sword he had left behind. Careful to move quickly and unnoticed, he pulled the heavy blade along with him as he he... Click Here To Read More

The Great Orion A Online Story By S.P. Joseph Lyons

"Wake up, my son," came a soft and beautiful voice. As the boy opened his eyes, he smiled brightly as his mother's face came into view. She was tired and worn but ever beautiful to her young son. "I saved you some breakfast," she said as she handed him tiny bits of hard, stale bread. As he chomped down on the morsels, his happy expression changed at the reality of his world, a place he'd forget while dreaming. He lived in a small cage with his mother, surrounded by many other cages, like a prison, all stacked together like cargo. As far as his little eyes could see in his dimly lit surrounding... Click Here To Read More

The Spirit of Jet A Online Story By S.P. Joseph Lyons

“Come, my darling.” Odeal smiled at her almost two-year-old daughter as she took her hand. “It’s a perfect day for collecting berries.” Allia giggled as she reached for the butterflies that danced about. The flowers here were beautiful and the berries grew so big in the field over the hill past their home. Allia carried her little basket, eager to fill it and surprise her Daddy with what she picked just for him. Odeal began to sing a beautiful song as she strolled over to a large bush covered in what they were after. As her sun dress blew in the gentle breeze, she tilted her sun hat back to ... Click Here To Read More

The Mighty Krailess A Online Story By S.P. Joseph Lyons

The air was crisp on the home of the Original People, now called New Strata. Long gone were the days of the Natives, destroyed by Ridran when he took this place under his rule years ago. When Palisade was toppled by Orion, all was left in disarray, but all was rebuilt stronger and greater than before. The many who ventured to this world seeking all manner of pleasures would surely find it. The city had grown exponentially, but still couldn’t conquer the vast wilderness of trees that again encompassed most of this now baron planet. Even so, given history’s past, guards were ever at the ready, j... Click Here To Read More