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Sherif Guirguis

An Egyptian by birth, cosmopolitan by convection, Sherif started writing at the age of eight, and he didn't stop since then, earning him several writing awards as his reward for his passion. He always thought that our world needed a dash of magic, and this is what he always included in his writings. Originally a medical doctor, but he decided to leave medicine behind to pursue his passion for the word since then he wrote three books. The chronicles of Agartha: Book 1 - The Green boy, is his third book, his first was "The Door", a magical realism thriller, and the "The Trinity's Dream", a contemporary fantasy about the end of days. He is happily married and has two daughters, whom he adores.

The Elemental Heist A Online Story By Sherif Guirguis

The Elemental Heist Five men gathered around a flagon of wine. Well, it was not a real flagon; real flagons would not lower themselves to the standards of the establishment these five chose to gather in. In fact, the wine was of so poor a quality it qualified to be prized vinegar to season the drinkers’ throats rather than palate them. So, to recapture the image, five men were gathered around a flagon of nothing that resembles wine. Outside, brown dirty rain kept on its journey forever downwards and sometimes sideways, flooding the muddy streets of Haboria the capital city of the opu... Click Here To Read More