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Alaric Longward

I am Alaric Longward, a dad, a husband and an aspiring writer. I remember sitting on my grandma's frazzled couch, staring doggedly at an old Tarzan movie. I must have been some six years old and her TV was black and white. I also remember being both scared out of my young wits and excited as puppy about to be fed. I suppose that was the time I fell in love with furious adventure stories, all spiced up with love and drama, villainous villains and heroes, though in time I came to appreciate that the characters should not all be as black and white as that Tarzan movie was. It quickly became a dream of mine to get my stories out, but it took a long while for me to take the time to do so. Yet, here I am, finally. I create fiction, fantasy, adventure and drama. They won't be short stories, but full blown books and might require some time to finish. I hope you enjoy them and would love to hear your feedback.