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Poetic Beauty

Native American Author 44 years old Been writing since I was ten years old Everything I write about has been what I been through or feeling , My Nightmare became Reality at the age of six I been struggling all my life to reach my dreams, I love writing it's my way of escaping Darkness And Healing, Now I can share my story As I recreate my story into poetry, It took me awhile because I had to relive it all over, It would be an honor to be an inspiration for someone else.

Stars in Her Eye’s A Online Story By poetic beauty

A girl with stars in her eyes, She tells stories about a life Full of sadness, Darkness ,childhood ,trauma, addiction, heartbreak, And happiness of true love, New beginnings, her story she lived, Her eyes looked like galaxies, She recreated her story in art, This girl had so many poetic visions, She was Beautiful, She slept under the stars, Tells stories of her moon He was her Universe , The only one to calm her storm, She has a rage that couldn't be caged, He came and touched her With a gentle kind of love, She found solace In his loves embrace He kept a... Click Here To Read More