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Cold As Ice


Nick Coalson is in the market for a new lover. Rebecca Morgan is shopping for a forever love. And Jonas Blackshire is bored. “I believe I can help you, love. Noah says there’s a bit of tension between you and Nick. I’d like to be of assistance if I can.” Rebecca eyed him with embarrassed curiosity. “I didn’t know you were into matchmaking, Jonas.” His eyes narrowed. “Curb the brat, love or I’ll give you the discipline you so obviously desire.” She bristled at his tone, but he simply chuckled. “See? You’re practically begging me to spank you. It’s all about your body language. Nick needs to take a firmer hand with you.” “I’m not sure what gave you the impression that I enjoy a good spanking or that my attitude is any of your business.” My God, what was wrong with her? She was acting like the brat he accused her of being. “Knees, Rebecca. Now.” Her independence warred with her submissive self. She was torn. This man’s tone brooked no interference. “Now!” She fell out of the chair and onto her knees, eyes lowered immediately. Dammit, how did he do that? “Becca! Get the hell up!” She heard the furious shout and hastily threw herself back into the chair. Nick’s order took precedence in her mind. She glanced up in time to see Nick’s fist fly toward Jonas’ face.

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